My name is Mani Sheriar and I hail from the Northern California Bay Area, though I spent ten years on the East Coast during my formative years. My intense need to express creativity led me to a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts from The Corcoran College of Art and Design in Washington D.C. in 1995.

After a few years trying to make it as an artist, and then another few trying to make it in the business world, I threw in the towel on each only to discover my true love for both in the form of founding and running my own web design business.

As a web designer and developer I have found a perfect synergy for my outgoing, friendly personality, my highly cultivated sense of aesthetics, my love of (yes, I actually LOVE it) coding, and my maddening need for perfect order in all things.

When I am not designing or coding, I can often be found listening to podcasts (which I am mildly addicted to), meditating (to become more present), and reading (to try to make sense of our crazy world).

What I Do

From small personal projects to large corporate ones, I can and have done it:

  • UI / UX design for web apps and complex user flows
  • General web design for projects large and small
  • Frontend development of my own designs or those provided to me
  • Integration with backend technologies and languages (I work really well with backend developers!)
  • Custom WordPress sites
  • Hosting for WordPress sites and ongoing maintenance of sites of any kind
  • Logos, business cards, general print collateral

The Secret to My Success

I have been successfully freelancing full-time in the San Francisco Bay Area since 2003. I think the secret to my longevity as a freelancer is that, in addition to being equally competent with both design and code, I am consistently responsiveon timeon budget, and super fun to work with! I tend to form long-term relationships with companies, project managers, and back-end developers, and these relationships have blessed me with a steady flow of work. Additionally, I am equal parts introvert and extrovert, so I am just as happy working solo or as part of a larger team.

For Extra Credit

Oh, one more little thing in case you’re curious: It’s Mani as in Armani, not as in Danny. And if you’re really curious, the last name is pronounced SHARE-ee-are. Strangely, both names are Persian, yet I am not. Long story …

Have a Project?

If you’re interested in working with me please reach out and say hello.