One of the challenges of this project was that the company is about heavy stuff – like surviving a little longer from cancer. They wanted a site that would be taken seriously, but not look either too depressing or too dismissive of a sensitive topic. With strategic use of stock imagery along with some curves to soften the edges, I achieved a respectful yet uplifting design.

The design was implemented in WordPress and includes a fully compliant Investor Relations portion.

Home Page
Investor Relations Landing Page
Investor Relations SEC Filings Page
Mobile Home Page


This is a small selection of the many print designs I’ve done for RenovoRx over the past few years. Note that these were done before the latest versions of the website and logo were created, so the branding is a little different.

Graphic Panel
Tri-Fold Patient Brochure (Outside)
Tri-Fold Patient Brochure (Inside)
RenovoCath Brochure (Pages 3-4)

Nasdaq Tower 

On the day that RenovoRx went public, this design I created was displayed on the Nasdaq Tower in Times Square, New York. It was quite an interesting challenge laying out all the people so that the windows of the tower didn’t cover any faces.